20 Aug, 2017
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Download the Reading Guide made by the GSR Foundation and US experts

Within the framework of the ‘32nd International IBBY Conference’ (Santiago de Compostela, 8th-12th September 2010), the Centro Internacional del Libro Infantil y Juvenil of the Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez presented a bibliographical index focusing on minorities and diversity, thanks to the kind invitation of ‘OEPLI’ (Spanish Organisation for Spanish and Young People´s Literature). The aforementioned selection has been made in collaboration with North American experts.

Yuo can dowload the guide here.

This multilingual experience epitomizes the spirit of this conference, whose objective is to build bridges and offer books and reading materials which encourage the spread of knowledge and intercultural dialogue, as well as to insist on the vital role of both literature and libraries as open multicultural areas in which all peoples of the world have a place.

The bibliography is intended as a useful tool for the adult who wishes to promote reading amongst children and young people, be it from a family perspective, or through schools, libraries or by other means. The corpus is comprises of 132 works of fiction; these works are of outstanding value both in content and in form, and have been selected from a range of publications in Spanish, English and Galician. The titles are aimed at children and young people, from 3 to 18 years of age, and all of them are available on the publishing market.

The US experts made the books in english selection. They are: Nancy Coradin (The Westchester Library System, New York), Barbara Crespo (Children’s librarian at The Warner Library, New York), Alina Interian (Executive Director at Florida Center for the Literary Arts, Miami), Rose Joseph (Magic Tree Bookstore Oak Park, Illinois) Lori Langer (Miscositas.com), Diana Lennon (Greenburgh Public Library), Andrew Medlar (Chicago Public Library, Illinois) and Freda Mosquera (Youth Services Librarian, Broward County Main Library, Florida).

The list of works is made up of a mosaic of reading materials which together feature a sample of reality, fantasy, legends and customs from various different parts of the world. Within these works one finds a thirst for discovery, descriptions of the difficulties of coexistence and a wealth of stories spun by different narrators of across the world. In the contents of this guide as well as in its design, we have done our best to insist on the importance of the different parts or sections in relation to the whole; the idea being that all reading material forms a part of literary universe, which is our common heritage.

The books are divided up equally into three selections according to the most significant aspects of their plots:

  • Discovering and Learning
  • Works in which the reader finds out about the most typical features of a community through traditional literature and folklore.
  • Forming an Opinion and Appreciating


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