20 Aug, 2017
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How to Appreciate an Art Exhibition through Texts

Reading can be linked to different art expressions that can be interesting to both children and teenagers. To establish a link between art and reading is a great way to learn and a wonderful form of entertainment. A tour guide that combines both concepts contributes to forming aesthetic criteria and stimulates the visitor’s curiosity.


How to prepare an attractive tour?
  • Find information about the artist; works, style, technique or show subject. Extract any relevant, surprising or curious data that will allow the visitors to enjoy the material presented.
  • Find texts that relate with the elements or themes of the exhibition to compliment the tour and establish connections with the works of art.
  • Elaborate an attractive script for the different spaces, bearing in mind the distribution of the works of art, the ambience, timings for each section, etc.
  • Design creative activities to do after the tour, so that the visitor has a chance to deepen his knowledge. Participation in workshops or didactic games reinforces the concepts studied during the visit.
The tour of the exhibition
  • Receive the visitors, present the exhibition and briefly describe what the tour will consist of.
  • Try to relate the works on show to the experiences, ideas or perceptions of the group.
  • Use a playful and participative method. Use dialogue, debate and exchanges of opinions to encourage the visitors to actively intervene and like this, maintain their attention.
  • Show your audience interesting works that lead them to notice small details and look at the works from different perspectives.
After the tour: experiment
  • To reinforce the concepts covered, it can be interesting to develop complimentary activities related to the contents on show.
  • These activities can be carried out in the same space as the exhibition. If this is not possible, you can invite the visitors to do them in the classroom, library, at home, etc., giving them the necessary instructions.
  • Oral narrative, the presentation of a written proposal, the participation in workshops that combine games and lessons, attract the visitor’s attention once again, inciting further curiosity about the works and the associated aspects discussed on the tour.
  • If an artistic activity is carried out within the exhibition space itself the new creations could be put on show as a contribution and original alternative creation.


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