20 Aug, 2017
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Anna Rafferty: Penguin's digital reading experience

Anna Rafferty, Digital Marketing Director at Penguin Books, assures us that her company sees eBooks as the source for greater digital experience, as a result of investigations based on data provided by the readers.

Rafferty highlights that the relationships that technology has made necessary between editor and reader are very important to Penguin, as are contents based on inbound marketing or big data. She explains that her company has registered digital channels, its own webpage and social networks, with which it will analyse the likes, dislikes, and behaviour of its readers. In her conversation with Canal Lector Rafferty emphasised the decisiveness and confidence of the group in its investment in the digital future
She also points out that Penguin invests significantly in ‘the division of these channels and in the analysis of the data they produce, data about people’s behaviour, both implicit and explicit. That is to say, what people say and what they actually do’, she clarifies.
The head of Penguin Digital underlines their analytic capacity and the fact that all their decisions are based on the results of their research. ‘We invest in digital design and we register copyright. All these things are new and require new skills. People read differently when they are in front of a computer screen than when they are reading a newspaper, and all of this is incredibly important and takes up a lot of time and energy in our company’.
She assures us of the success of their method, and points out that their decisions have been extremely well received and have met their readers needs, which is exactly the intention at Penguin.


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