20 Aug, 2017
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Eric Marbeau: Gallimard in the digital age


Éditions Gallimard was created over 100 years ago and is currently the leading independent publishing house in France. Two years ago in an interview for El País, the general president-director of Gallimard was already affirming that ‘the digital book permits great flexibility. It is an opportunity to enrich our catalogues and maintain books alive’. These ideas are still reiterated by Eric Marbeau.
Marbeau admits that the digital age is evoking feelings of uncertainty and angst in the publishing world but he emphasises that there are also those who are expectant and curious, hopeful that there will be new and exciting possibilities in electronic editing. Marbeau himself is one of the latter.
Marbeau also mentions the benefits of introducing legal regulations on a European country such as the reduction in VAT that his own country has already introduced for electronic texts. Spain is amongst the countries pressuring the EU to act in this way, and is expected the Commission will meet this year to discuss the possibility.
During his intervention at Casa del Lector Marbeau summarised his proposals concerning digital editing in three concepts: curiosity, diversity and efficiency. He spoke of the editor as crucial to the process of optimizing a text’s cycle of life.
In his interview for Canal Lector he talks of the ‘incertitude and anxiety’ caused by the digital age in literature, especially if the effect on the musical world is taken as an example. Marbeau believes the digital book offers a lot more than a traditional paper book. He says his company is very curious about how his customers use the digital book to expand the possibilities of sharing, finally adding that ‘sharing an emotion provoked by an author is one of the most beautiful sensations’.

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