20 Aug, 2017
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Gonzalo Oyarzún: Reading concerns society
Gonzalo Oyarzún, deputy director of Bibliotecas Públicas, and coordinator of the National Public Library System in Chile (SNBP), affirms that reading today is not just a problem for publishing houses, nor does it concern solely the teacher or librarian, but it ‘concerns society as a whole’.
After his participation in the meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission for Iberbiliotecas (Latin American Libraries), held in Madrid’s Casa del Lector, Oyarzún highlights that if we all look at literature like Fundación GSR ‘we will understand the world we live in much better’.
Oyarzún calrifies that ‘when we face a policy to promote reading we are not really facing a policy from the library industry or from education, but a social policy that penetrates the entire country’. Moreover he maintains that the discussion that took place in Casa del Lector follows ‘exactly this line’ of argument.
He notes that the meeting of Iberbibliotecas spoke of ‘a policy that overcomes borders, that passes through society and that in our case, passes through Latin America but is to do with a more political problem, more profound, and not simply a problem in the classroom or library’.
On the other hand, he assures that reading seen from a space that looks beyond format provokes a ‘different discussion’ because format is anything, book or screen, and it can even be a building; format is oral speech- maybe the first format, and the oldest.
Iberbiblioteca’s sessions took place on the 26th and 27th of February of 2013 with the objective of elaborating a set of rules for future programmes.
Here is a copy of Gonzalo Oyarzún's interview for Canal Lector:

Oyarzún: 'Libraries in Chile are developing in various different ways, with participation programmes, modernisation towards new technologies, or innovative initiatives such as 'Bibliometro', for example. We still have a lot to do, but i think we couldn't ask for a better opportunity than now.'

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