20 Aug, 2017
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David Peña, ‘Puño’: the shell that unravels ideas

When I was young and others wanted to be policemen or firemen, I wanted to be a hermit. I’ve been drawing comics since I can remember. And I’ve been reading them since before. On one occasion I was caught throwing ham across a classroom. I would have liked to be the author of Jo, que noche. I am incapable of learning all the words of a song. Many years ago I was convinced cakes had a gender. I’ve only ever seen four football matches, none of them intentionally, and only one basketball match. I love sparrows. Ants fascinate me. My idols are my friends.’ 

David Peña, Puño (Madrid 1978) lives in Paris and has worked as a teacher, graphics designer and has had works published in newspapers, and books for both children and adults. He emphasises that one of the most important things he gets from his job as an illustrator is ‘moral satisfaction’.
‘I seek to express, I like to adopt a role that nobody else adopts, even if it is uncomfortable for others’ says the artist in an interview published on EX7.
Until now Puño’s favourite work is ALFabeto (Kalandraka) an atypical succession of twenty-seven images, linked by ingenuity and chance’. Puño has been an illustrator for twenty years now, but has only started to receive awards and recognition in the last eight. One of these prizes was awarded by Internacional de Ilustración Fundación Santa María for ¡Ñam! (SM), for being a book that ‘broke the coldness of machines thanks to a perfect integration of the digital with plastic and traditional mediums’. Below is Puño, interviewed for Canal Lector:

Puño: ‘My fear when I started was that I would never have the opportunity to be a great illustrator, due to deadlines, publishing restrictions, etc.’


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