20 Aug, 2017
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Vasconcelos library revives thanks to the celebrations for ‘Día del Niño’ in México

The celebrations for ‘Día del Niño’ were held at Biblioteca Vasconcelos for the first time, in the city of Mexico. This was the first step in the transformation of Vasconcelos’ modern space into a centre for citizen interactions, one of director Daniel Goldin’s new objectives.

Goldin was given the position of director on the 22nd of March 2013. He organised the event ‘Día del Niño’, celebrated on the 28th of April, to put into practice the open library model with which he intends to ‘go further than the basic loan services’ (see Canal Lector).
Around four hundred and sixty people were invited, including poets, painters, bloggers, rockers, teachers and library users, particularly children who could enjoy the ‘mini-inventions’, with which the library wished to share the concept of making such a public space intimate.
Throughout the whole day the library was thriving with people and those who Goldin called ‘experience givers’ act and re-enacted living books for the audience. These givers included Elena Poniatowska, Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Pablo Boullosa or Francisco Hinojosa.
The president of the National Council for Arts and Culture (Conaculta), Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, attended the celebrations to congratulate the children on their special day and in that framework committed to making all public spaces functional and of a good service.
It was the most active the library has been since it was inaugurated seven years ago. Daniel Goldin ended the day with an announcement that there will be further investment in resources and professional service.


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