20 Aug, 2017
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Juan Mata: we must get communities of readers to conspire towards the meeting between children and books

With literary dialogues, Fundación GSR has sparked the formative initiative to which Casa del Lector will lend professional intermediary readers. Courses, days, seminars and meetings will be celebrated, coinciding with the seasonal cycles.  

Putting all sorts of materials to use during his own course Lectura curricular y lectura en libertad. Niños y jóvenes ante los desafíos e incertidumbres de la literatura, professor Juan Mata from the University of Granada, explores the multitude of possibilities offered by education. With simple materials he manages to turn reading into an adventure of discovery. 
'Each child must find his  book via the right hand and voice, at the right time. Under conditions that wil make that meeting an unforgettable and happy experience' says Mata and thus, ' adults that mediate by reading are carrying out an irreplaceable function'.
For the full article and video interview visit Canal Lector.


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