20 Aug, 2017
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Potlock: a new social network to share links on


Josh Miller, founder of the discussion platform Branch has recently launched Potluck, a social platform that its creator refers to as the “Instagram of links”. In an article by Mathew Ingram, published on GigaOm, he outlines the needs of a community of these characteristics in a world full of different social networks.
Branch is a discussion forum that was created a year ago with the financial aid of Obvious Corp, SV Angel and Betaworks. However, as Ingram explains in his article, the appearance of Potluck doesn’t imply the disappearance of this forum, as they each have different purposes.
Potluck is destined to small friendship groups that want to discuss a common topic of interest. In the words of its founder, it’s design tried to recreate a dinner with friends. Once you have clicked on the link, you can see an extract on an independent panel, next to the identity of the person who shared it and all those who have shown they liked it.
Although the focus of this social network is sharing links, Miller assures us that the true intention of this service was to get people to participate in a conversation between friends, as well as getting to know people with common interests through a medium that has nothing to do with Twitter or Reeddit or any other internet forum.
Ingram asks if it was really necessary to create another social networks, to which the founder of Potluck replies that in his opinion, there is nothing like it at the moment for the type of users his platform is addressing. That is to say, those who find interesting links but don’t want to share them on Facebook, who don’t have Twitter or don’t want to use it in this way.
It seems, states the journalist, that what Potluck is trying to do is find a space between the exchange of private links, and the way they are shared on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.
To conclude, Miller admits that he is not looking for a rapid growth. He wants Potluck to be a strong, consolidated network, and not a macro-community like the rest.


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