20 Aug, 2017
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Cornelia Funke’s Different Worlds

German writer and illustrator Cornelia Funke, followed by millions of readers worldwide, publishes ‘Fearless’, the second book in the ‘Reckless’ series, and defends digital applications to literature.

Cornelia Funke wrote and illustrated her first story, The story of Bo, Milan, Fellmay and Isolde by hand: seventy one pages that she put in a blue folder and saves to this day. She didn’t manage to get it published. Editors considered the story too gruesome and scary for children. Various decades later, with fifty works for children and adults published, and translated into tens of languages (including latin) and with millionaire sales, the author of the Inkheart trilogy has gone back to writing by hand. She says it is a liberating experience. But at the same time she has discovered with fascination the new technologies that are taking over the publishing world. As a result she is immersed in an ambitious project with the series Reckless, which she has already finished and of which she plans to publish one novel every two years. She is turning the series into an app for tablets called MirrorWorld, in a joint project with cinema director Guillermo del toro.
The German writer was in Spain during the end of May 2013, and met her readers at a conference held with writer and journalist Jesús Marchamelo at Casa del Lector, Madrid, to present her latest publication of the series. She also gave an interview to Canal Lector which can be seen below.


The full  interview can be read and seen at Canal Lector

Web page: Cornelia Funke

Profiles on Facebook and Twitter

Books on Canal Lector


Reckless. Carne de piedra y Reckless. Sombras vivas.Translated by María Falcón Quintana. Siruela


Text on Europa Press. May 2013

Interview by Rocío Ayuso (El País). June 2013

Digital Encounter. El Mundo. May 2013

Profile on Instituto Goethe

Overview of Reckless. Carne de piedra. Javier Ruescas. El cazador de libros

Digital Encounter. El País. December 2010

Interview by Laura Fernández (El Mundo). December 2010

Interview on mujerhoy.com December 2010

The magical world of Cornelia Funke. BBC. December 2006


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