20 Aug, 2017
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Legal victory for Google over authors in the creation of digital libraries

Google has achieved a legal victory in its attempt to create the world’s largest digital library. A North American tribunal with judge Denny Chin at the head, rejected the collective sentence presented by The Authors Guild, an association of writers and authors, and gives its approval for the giant Mountain View to show fragments of books.

This demand from The Authors Guild, explains the article published on Reuters, would have permitted groups of authors to present charges against the business giant collectively instead of individually, which would have made it possible to reduce legal costs and obtain better results.
Since 2004 Google has scanned over twenty million books after associating itself with the most important libraries in the world, like the Harvard University Library or the New York Public Library.
As soon as the resolution was known, adds the article, Michael Boni, a lawyer for Authors Guild, said the association was especially disheartened. This sensation is contrary to the declaration made by Matt Kallman, spokesperson for Google, who manifested absolute satisfaction with the decision.
In its defence, the company has said that the digitalisation of books, including current books and those that have already been catalogued, can provide significant aid to investigators and public libraries.
The demands against Google have always been present. Some time ago groups of photographers and graphic designers pressed charges against the company for the digitalisation of their work. Something similar has now happened with editors, who reached an agreement with the company a few months ago.


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