20 Aug, 2017
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Growing piracy rates hinder the ebook’s progress in Russia


The electronic book market in Russia has doubled in a year, according to the Russian Association of Online Editors, although it still represents only one per cent of the total book sales in the country. To this information we must add Eksmo’s contribution, the biggest publishing house in the country, which announced that ninety five per cent of ebooks are pirated and this is one of the motives making digital sales so insignificant.
Nonetheless, Vladimir Khatiyonov, executive director of the Russian Association of Online Editors, is convinced that the readership of digital texts will continue to increase over the coming years. What’s more, Sergei Anuriev, general director of LitRes, the company that controls sixty five per cent of the country’s market, believes that 2015 will mark a five per cent increase in the space electronic books occupy in the market.
Many experts in the industry agree that the presence of the electronic book will increase significantly over the next few years. However one characteristic of this increase is that most digital readers tend to live in Moscow and St Petersburg, whilst the number of people who read electronic books in the Russian provinces continues being quite unnoticeable. Therefore one could say it’s still true that most of the people who buy ebooks and e-readers live in urban areas.
Russian editors, explains Maichael Kozlowski in an article published on GoodReader, remain in the fight against piracy and launch campaigns to promote reading on digital devices. With the high piracy rates, the losses suffered by the digital industry could reach one hundred and twenty million dollars. Apparently, continues the journalist, these company begin to have an effect, as the government and publishers have invalidated twenty five thousand links to pirated electronic books and have shut down over one hundred piracy web pages.  


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